Karxun's Quality Management System integrates all business functions, and thanks to the standardization of processes in all our production facilities, allows immediate responsiveness to the demands of our Customers, wherever they may be.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the applications, the Full Design for Six Sigma approach, the availability of the most advanced manufacturing and control technologies and a full "End Customer-Oriented" approach, rather than a supplier Karxun Group is a partner that can contribute to the success of its products, ensuring their qualitative performance, but above all, their reliability.


All the products manufactured by Karxun Group are tracked in real time, records are stored and filed. All the individual components, both electronic and mechanical, as well as the production stages, the technology verification gates and their outputs are associated through a proprietary information system.

Customers can access the entire history of every single technical device or product through its serial number.

Such traceability is implemented on all products.

Traceability is a guarantee of process stability and a post-identification of any non-compliant products in case defects occur, for risk assessment purposes and the consequent recovery actions.

Traceability is intrinsic to quality.


Karxun Group applies the highest environmental protection standards (ISO 14001) in all countries in which it operates with production plants or headquarters.

The foregoing standard is an international legislation, the environmental certification that certifies a company in compliance with the highest standards of care for the environment.

Throughout the Karxun Group the greatest care is taken in using production facilities which are extremely environmentally friendly both in terms of emissions and in the consumption of electric and pneumatic resources.


RoHS & REACH legislation has driven a technology shift in EMS companies.

Karxun Group design development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 

RoHS & REACH legislation is one of the most recent examples of this.

RoHS & REACH has driven a technology shift in EMS companies and changed the component industry.

As country-specific versions of RoHS & REACH legislation roll out, EMS companies and their supply base continue to face challenges in both compliance and customer issues that arise from conversion or a desire not to convert.

Additional environmental legislation continues to add to the regulatory compliance burden that Karxun Group companies navigate on behalf of their customers.