Compliance Management is the basis of enterprise development and the premise of all operations. While pursuing its own high quality development, we continues to improve risk control mechanism, develop a compliance management system, adhere to honest operation, and actively work with employees, suppliers and other partners to build a clean and honest business environment, laying a solid foundation for the company's sustainable development.

We always take risk control as an important guarantee for the healthy operation of the company, constantly improve the risk control mechanism, effectively identify potential problems and risks, and improve the compliance management system. In 2020, we revised the Compliance Code of Conduct, the Compliance Reporting Management Measures and other management systems, issued the Implementation Rules for Key Fields, Key Links and Key Personnel of Compliance Management and other management measures, further clarified the functions and responsibilities of the special compliance management department, actively participated in the construction of the compliance management information system developed by KA customers, and strengthened the compliance management by means of information technology.

The company has continuously improved the compliance management mechanism and established a compliance management committee, with the general manager serving as the director of the compliance committee and the deputy general manager in charge serving as the deputy director of the committee.

In order to improve the compliance awareness of employees, we actively carry out the publicity and training of relevant laws and regulations. In 2020, the company, in combination with relevant policies, laws and regulations, held a total of 19 learning and training activities in advertising compliance, data compliance, anti-trust compliance in the automobile industry, and other aspects, striving to improve the compliance awareness of all staff, and jointly promoting the construction of the company's compliance culture.