We continue to improve the integrity risk prevention and control mechanism, comprehensively investigate and sort out the integrity risk points, achieve full coverage of departments and posts, refine the prevention and control measures, and promote the timely warning, correction and dynamic management of integrity risk. In order to create a cultural atmosphere of integrity and compliance, we promote the combination of publicity and education, carry out special education activities on integrity and watch warning education videos. All kinds of warning education and training activities cover all employees of the company, and guide employees to form an honest and standardized employment value orientation. At the same time, we publicized the way of accepting reports and complaints through posters, WeChat official account, OA, email and other means, made public the contact information and scope of accepting reports and complaints, and implemented the mechanism of handling all reports and complaints immediately.

We will expand the construction of anti-corruption and anti-fraud mechanism to the external value chain, advocate the "pro clean" partnership, rely on the Global Partnership Conference, send a "letter to partners" to participating suppliers and partners, further clarify the anti-corruption attitude, publish the reporting methods of the company's discipline inspection commission, and propose to work together to build a clean ecosystem and build a clean and honest business environment with partners. At the same time, we actively participated in the anti-corruption video collection activities and online and offline training organized by the Enterprise Anti-Fraud Alliance, and carried out exchanges and learning with the member enterprises of the Alliance. Share information with employees who violate discipline and dishonest suppliers in the alliance to jointly build a fair, open, clean and efficient environment.